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My Record

Opposing Out-of-Control State Government Spending

I’m one of only six legislators out of 201 who opposed all omnibus spending bills in 2021. Last year, the Minnesota Legislature enacted a 12% increase in government spending – and I said NO. We need more legislators to say no and stop the out-of-control government spending. These reckless fiscal policies pushed by President Biden and Governor Walz has resulted in record levels of inflation.

Fighting for the 2nd Amendment

I’m proud to have earned the endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus and will always vigorously defend your Second Amendment rights. I have a 100% pro-2nd Amendment voting record.

I co-authored “Stand Your Ground” legislation (HF 131) that allows the use of deadly force in defense of home or person without a duty to retreat. I will continue to work to pass the legislation.

Eliminating Vaccine Mandates

Medical freedom is an important issue for me – the government must never require vaccines to participate in day-to-day life activities such as attending school or showing up for work. Your participation in society must never be dependent on a vaccine mandate or passport. I voted more than five times to protect medical freedom and crack down on vaccine passports and mandates. I supported the bill (HF 3158) prohibiting any state agency, political subdivision, or business in the state from requiring individuals be vaccinated or show proof of vaccination for any communicable disease.

I opposed Democrat legislation allowing a vaccine passport (HJ 6825, April 26, 2021) and I strongly supported legislative efforts by my colleagues to eliminate, abolish, or prohibit vaccine mandates including:

  • Prohibit vaccine passports. (HJ 6821, April 26, 2021)
  • Ban vaccine mandates in colleges. (HJ 6822, April 26, 2021)
  • Allow religious belief exemptions from vaccines. (HJ 6823, April 26, 2021)
Protecting Life

I am honored to have been endorsed by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) and have a 100% prolife voting record. As a legislator, I will always defend the rights of the unborn. I co-authored the bill banning taxpayer-funded abortions (HF 1934) and voted to advance a bill requiring abortion clinics to be licensed for the safety of mothers and babies (HJ 6829, 4/26/21). I will always defend and protect the sanctity of life.

Standing Up for Students and Parents in Education

Parents matter most when it comes to our kids’ education. I’m a longtime advocate for school choice and strongly support legislation and efforts to give parents more educational freedom to choose a school or educational setting of their choice for their children. I support legislation giving parents the right to access their children’s curriculum and support legislative efforts to stop Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our schools. CRT is a left-wing effort to rewrite American history in our schools and this effort must be stopped.

I opposed efforts by Gov. Walz and the Minnesota Department of Education that unnecessarily closed our schools during the pandemic. The decision to open and close schools must be left to local school boards, not bureaucrats in Saint Paul.

Ending Gov. Walz’s Emergency Powers

What happened to our communities during the pandemic, at the reckless direction of Governor Walz, must never happen again. As a legislator, I strongly opposed Governor Walz’s emergency powers and his damaging lockdown orders. During my first term in office, I voted every single time to end Governor Walz’s emergency powers. Here’s the official record of my votes:

  • HC 1, HJ 72, 1/11/21
  • HC 1, HJ 1008, 3/11/21
  • SC 5, HJ 1258, 3/18/21
  • HC 1, HJ 4017, 4/14/21
  • HC 1, HJ 7080, 5/14/21
  • HC 1, HJ 11, 6/15/21
  • HC 1, HJ 255, 1/28/21
  • HC 5, HJ 366, 2/8/21
  • HC 1, HJ 567, 2/22/21
  • HC 1, HJ 894, 2/8/21
  • HC 1, HJ 917, 3/9/21
  • HC 1, HJ 964, 3/10/21